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Have you shopped your Medicare supplement plan lately?

You might find unexpected savings by shopping your supplement plan by: Ciarra Dobbs
If you have been a beneficiary of Medicare for a few years now, and haven't reviewed or shopped your Medicare supplement plan, you might be missing out on savings.
Each year at the renewal of a policy, if there is a rate increase, the company will notify you, the policyholder, through a letter that the policy is taking a rate increase of X percent. If you get these notifications and are wondering what you can do about it, the answer is easier than you think. Reach out to a local broker who represents several different companies and request a few quotes. 
In addition, reviewing what plan you are on can also generate savings if you and your agent conclude switching to a different plan is a better fit for your needs and budget at the time. For example, a Plan F is usually more expensive than a Plan G because of the coverage differences. However, the only difference between the two is Plan F pays your …